Next release 1.3.1

Next release 1.3.1

We are happy to announce the release of Next version 1.3.1!

This version includes important bug fixes, an improved minibuffer experience, better support for various platforms (D-Bus should be handled properly), not forgetting that Next is back to the official Guix repository! (This should make it easier to install Next on any OS running a Linux kernel.)

A screenshot of the minibuffer with fuzzy-matching on the URLs and titles of the buffers:

On the community level, we've overhauled our article/blog page, with the aim of regularly publishing articles on our progress, along various Next hacks and configuration tips.

We've also added a news feed where you can follow us:


Rest of the change log

What's next?

We have many new and exciting features in the pipeline that we should release shortly:

Thanks for reading!

About Next

Next is a keyboard-oriented, extensible web-browser designed for power users. The application has familiar key-bindings (Emacs, VI), is fully configurable and extensible in Lisp, and has powerful features for productive professionals.

Download it here!